Ahila KRISHNAMOORTHY Director of Product Development

Ahila Krishnamoorthy Although the thermochemical model attributes field-induced dielectric breakdown to time-dependent chemical bond breakage there has been little evidence of this reported thus far...

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Lakshmi KRISHNAMOORTHY Head of Department consultant

Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy Girija Ramaswamy An association between over-expression of proto-oncogene Her-2/neu and resistance to tamoxifen in estrogen receptor ER...

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K Krishanamoorthy

About the Book K Krishnamoorthy 1923-1997 was a well-known scholar of Sanskrit literature His unfathomable depth of scholarship astounding quality and bulk of his writings and his emphasis on practical criticism brought him lasting fame as a scholar of Sanskrit Kannada and English He wrote edited and translated many books pertaining to the literary fields of Sanskrit and Kannada...

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Welcome to Krishnamoorthy s Page

My research interests include multivariate data analysis inferences with missing data statistical tolerance region and calibration and meta analysisI worked for my PhD in the area of estimating multivariate normal parameters in a decision theoretic setup I published several articles on estimation of normal covariance matrix precision matrix mean vector and eigenvalu...

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M Krishnamoorthy Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar profile for M Krishnamoorthy with 107 highly influential citations and 171 scientific research papers...

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Vivek Sharma Darshan Lal K D Aparnathi

5 AgriMoon Chemical Quality Assurance 13 Quality Control and Quality Assurance As per ISO 8402 1994 Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or...

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